Retiring my Brisbois Etude Book

April 22, 2019


Part of my daily practice is sight reading. I've been this this for a long time. When I first got into the business, I was striving to develop into a session player in Chicago. Sight reading was a must and it was not a strong skill for me. I was trained as an engineer and I had a very "nuts and bolts" attitude about how to develop certain skills as a musician. So, I started buying etude books and just reading them. I would sight read, up to tempo, come what may. Then I wold slow down and clean up rough spots and then back up to tempo. I would stick with a book till I started to learn and remember the etudes. I figured, at that point, I was no longer reading, so I'd get another book and repeat the process.  


The little training and etude book compiled by Lennie Niehaus and Buddy Brisbois called "Trumpets Today,: has 8 nice but subtly challenging etudes. This book was targeted for retirement this week, so I put it on the stand after a 4 hour practice session and just read through the etudes while recording them on my iPhone. I left the mistakes in there as part of my archiving how I work. 


I'm also trying out some different ideas about placing the iPhone with the little plug in Shure stereo mic. You'll hear some different sounds and a little bit of clipping. I like the stereo spread the mic gets, but I'm not thrilled with the inability to rotate it. When you put it in landscape position, the orthogonality of the mic is 90 degrees out of whack. I need to sort that out.


Here is the video, for the record. This is not FINAL quality. It is just something I'm sharing with the few random folks who follow my work as a teacher by example.



Respectfully submitted...

Nick Drozdoff


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