Sponsorship and Merch:

This page is under construction, but what this will address, in brief, will be sponsorship.

We are looking for sponsors for our events and projects. The projects exist in different spaces. One will be the podcast, currently under development. Another will be video releases of performances online.   

Certainly, the pandemic has changed EVERYTHING. The way of working for musicians will most likely never be the same. I have adapted and adopted new ways of working with my music and sharing it. This revolves virtual bands and outsourcing performances. This is a direct evolution of survival in a new world.

As I am sure you know, ticket sales or cover charges at the door rarely cover the expenses of properly compensating the professional musicians making this wonderful music. Big orchestras and performance organizations get grant money from large funders such as the MacArthur Foundation. They also get support from wealthy private donors who are often listed in the programs. For a variety of reasons, I don't qualify for these organizations' grant money. So, I am reaching out in the form of individual crowd funding from my followers online.

Unlike the larger orchestral organizations, I am running a tiny arts organization with smaller budgetary requirements. A single gig could require as little as a total of $2500! If 100 people purchase a sponsorship, It would only cost $25 each! For this tiny fee, you and/or your business would be listed as a supporter of art jazz on the sponsorship page for one month. However, with the new developments of virtual recording sessions, the budget can be even lower. For recording a single tune, a process that used to cost almost $2000, I can manage with as little as $300!

Right now, I fund all projects out of pocket. Even with the new way of working, I can always use help in covering these expenses.

Note: Do you have a music store you want promoted? Are you an independent manufacturer of musical instruments or gear of any sort? Consider a donation to the VDPE cause. Let's see if we can help each other out!

For example, if you kicked in the $300, you can be listed in the credits of an upcoming video as the primary sponsor. The only caveat is that I will always include the fact that I am both a Getzen trumpet artist and a Wedge Mouthpiece artist. That having been pointed out, I'm sure we can work something out.