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Yes, I DO give private lessons. Most students who come to me are NOT beginners. While all at different levels, students who come to me have considerable experience, already. Some are comeback players. Some are advanced students from high school or college who are looking for some new ideas about playing the instrument. If you come to me with an open mind, I will give you all the information I can.


My rates are simple. I charge $100/hour with a one hour minimum.  Anything beyond an hour is simply prorated at the same rate.

Students generally come to me at my home studio. I have two locations. One is in Glencoe, Illinois. The other is in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin. That having been said, I can also meet you via Skype. While Skype is not ideal, if we simply can't meet in person, we can do things this way. 

If you would like to explore some lessons, simply reach out to me via the contact info here. 

One last thing. I don't expect my students to meet me on a weekly basis. Most come out for a "tune up" and then don't come back for several months to a year. Many get what they need after one meeting. If this happens, I've done my job. 

I have a lot of 'how to' information on the Education (Videos) page. You are welcome to browse those and I will be adding more. However, I will only answer questions and engage in dialogs on a very limited basis. To do this takes time, and if you want to spend time with me, either in person or online, working on your playing, arrange a lesson, please.

That having been said, often FAQ's and video tutorials don't meet the unique needs of a student. That is where coming to me directly for a lesson can help. 

This was a band for which I did an ad hoc clinic in Tokyo while on Maynard's band. OK, my hair was brown and there was a lot more of it, but that was 1981.

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