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My iBook

How To Practice, by Nick Drozdoff

Several yeas ago, I wrote an iBook I called how to practice. This is a method book fro trumpeters that is designed to help them figure out their own way of playing by clearly demonstrating how I figured things out. While it does show you how I do things, the idea is to you to get a feel for the thinking that I used to just work out my methods. Hopefully, you'll be inspired to develop your own way of thinking from this. There is well over an hour of video embedded in the book. Just click on the learn more link to be taken to the Apple Bookstore for more info.

Now, as of 2024, I no longer have an educational videos page. In 2020, I was compelled to completely change the way I play and practice. This iBook represents my old approach. It is somewhat based on traditional old school methods. If you are interested, feel free to buy the iBook. It comes embedded with all the videos in question. However, since I no longer play this way, I no longer teach this way. I leave it here mainly for archival purposes.

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