ANNOUNCING: The Variable D Postulate Ensembles Big Band

This page has been updated as of 5/27/2020. As we all know, things have changed dramatically and suddenly. I let a long time pass in the development of the VDPE Big Band. I was struggling with how to fund it. I couldn't justify asking top notch professional musicians to just back me up and make me look good. I'm not Miles Davis or Maynard Ferguson or someone sufficiently famous that musicians would just be eager to play for me even for nothing or on spec. Then along came a global pandemic just as I was starting to work out details for doing some club dates and concerts. Everything has changed. This includes what this band is and how it will be "deployed." 

This exciting 18 piece big band will still cover the music of the Tonight Show with Doc Severinsen, The Maynard Ferguson Library, compositions and arrangements of Steve Wiest, Bill Holman, Rob McConnell, Bob Mintzer, Kim Richmond, Willie Maiden, Don Sebesky, Oliver Nelson, to name only a few. We will also be tapping the skills of local composers and arrangers. All this remains the same what is going to change is essentially the personnel.  

The crew - the band members - are a diverse group of multi-generational professional musicians. Some of our composers are band members. These are incredibly talented people who SHOULD be heard. However, the primary adaptation will be in how this band operates. This is now a "studio" band, in a sense. I am the brass section. I'll overdubbing all the brass parts on projects developed in my studio. The saxes and rhythm section will be "outsourced" to various artists remotely. This will allow me to keep my tiny budget under control and still pay homage to deserving artists. This will also allow me to feature artists from all over the world and not just be limited to the Midwest. 

The PRIMARY venue will be VIDEO. That is, most of the work this band will do will be in the studio recording inspired performances of this challenging music. While I am ready and willing to do live concerts in night clubs, depending on how I could fund the performance, most of my expenditure of energy and funds will be towards the video recording sessions. I can reach out and share this music with an unlimited audience this way. Also, since I will only have to pay for 4 to 6 musicians instead of 17, I can afford to be more a band patron of the arts as I am a trumpeter and band leader.

This new development is certainly a result of the fact that the cornonavirus situation has all be wiped out live performances for big bands for an indefinite period of time. The result is that musicians have had to adapt to keep their musical sensibilities alive. I have personally ben heavily involved with virtual big bands for a couple of leaders. These have been so successful that I have adopted this as a way of working for the future. So, please stay tuned. As of this writing, I am getting ready to release the first VDPE big band project of this sort. Check back!

The Variable D Postulate Ensemble

Original New Jazz Music by Nick Drozdoff

I have a smaller band I call the Variable D Postulate Ensemble. It is variable, because, due to the vagaries of the biz, the band personnel can vary from gig to gig. 

You can buy these tunes on CD Baby.

"Chillin' In New Hampshire"

"Glad To Be Somewhere"

"Dominant Disconnect"

Cou ntry Road

This is my virtual big band take on the Kenny Wheeler arrangement of James Taylor's Country Road.

Chillin' In New Hampshire

An Original Piece for the Variable D Postulate Ensemble

This is the first official video for the Variable D Postulate Ensemble.

Glad To Be Somewhere

An Original Piece for the Variable D Postulate Ensemble

This is the second official video for the Variable D Postulate Ensemble.

Dominant Disconnect

An original tune written for the Variable D Postulate Ensemble.

This is a little studio piece I wrote for the Variable D Postulate Ensemble.