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My Weekly/Daily Routine

There is an element of personal risk to this blog, but I do it regardless in an effort to share and hopefully help some folks get some ideas.

Most of the blog is a cut and paste from my daily/weekly practice spreadsheet. However, I have also included largely unedited clips of my actual practice. Any editing was only done to save viewing time, not to clean up missed notes. We all miss notes in practice. This is an honest sharing of ideas I have used to figure things out. As I continue to learn, I scrap some things and develop new. I only included the videos of the odder things I practice as I still work on figuring out how to play.

Virtually EVERYTHING on here I practice from memory - by ear. I have the entire Clarke's Technical Studies, including etudes, memorized. This was a piece of advice I got from Maynard way back in the day. The idea is to not only maintain chops and technique, but to also make trumpet just an extension of your voice. If you can sing it, you should be able to play it.

Then when it comes to improvisation, you need to train yourself as to what to hear. So, you'll need to do lots of listening and study the theory behind the ideas. Listening and imitation are a big part of playing orchestral music, as well. However, if you have developed trumpet as an extension of your voice, you will get there.

One final note. There is a lot of material and many things I am trying to develop as a trumpeter: classical playing, jazz improv, screaming lead playing, cornet, piccolo, Eb, etc. One thing I learned as an educator in physics is that the more concepts you strive to develop, the longer it takes to develop them. You have to be patient and persistent,. For me the slow part is my ability to deploy the patterns I am developing into my improvisation. I do see it happening, though. More and more frequently I find myself spontaneously dropping some new idea into my solos. I suspect there will be a bit of an epiphany when it all gels. Stay tuned!


Long Tones/Pedal Tones/CAG 30 minutes

Lips in leadpipe - no mpce 5 minutes - note I do spend 5 minutes on this. The clip is shortened.

Mpce Squeaks - 5 minutes

Lips Only - 5 minutes

Ring - 5 minutes

Min Mpce Press - 5 minutes

BERP - 5 minutes

Lead Pipe Overtones

False Scales - 5 minutes

Singing Exercises - 15 minutes

Flexibilities - 11 minutes

Flow Study - 5 minutes

Clarkes 1 - 8 minutes - M

Clarkes 2 - 12 minutes - Tu

Clarkes 3 - 11 minutes - W

Clarkes 4 - 15 minutes - Th

Clarkes 5 - 18 minutes - Fri

Clarkes 6 - 15 minutes - Sat

Clarkes 7 - 21 minutes - Everyday

Clarkes 8 - 10 minutes - Sun

Clarkes 9 - 5 minutes - Everyday

Aperture Control - 5 minutes

Pentatonics = 15 minutes - M,W,F,Sat

Diminished Chords - 3 minutes

Diminished Scales - 7 minutes

Diminished Exercise - 6 minutes

The vid clip below is the structure I use for the patterns in the next five items.

Maj scales & chords - 4 minutes - M

Min scales & chords - 4 minutes - Tu

Dom scales & chords 6 minutes - W

half dim scales & chords - 7 minutes - Th

Aug scales & chords - 8 minutes - Fr

misc patterns - 4 minutes Tu, Th,Sat Sun

tune in 12 keys - 15 minutes

four tunes - 6 minutes

Arban like etude - 5 minutes

Basic Etude Eb - 5 minutes

Piccolo Piece - 5 minutes

blues - several keys - 4 minutes

rhythm changes severl keys - 4 minutes

cherokee - 5 minutes

intervals - 8 minutes - M,W,Fr,Sat

Giant Steps - 5 minutes

Confirmation - 5 minutes

triad pairs maj/half step - 5 minutes

triad pairs maj/whole step - 5 minutes

triad pairs min/whole step - 5 minutes

triad pairs min/half step - 5 minutes

triad pairs augmented/whole step - 5 minutes

A few orcherstral excerpts 5 minutes

Random piece on bass trumpet or euphonium - 5 minutes

Reading pieces - time TBE (multiples of hours)

Random note touching - 5 minutes

Double Tonguing Wide Intervals - 5 minutes

Shaw/Vitale Chromo #1 Up and Down - 6 minutes

Shaw/Vitale Chromo #2 Up and down - 6 minutes

Shaw/Vitale Chromo #3 - 6 minutes

Shaw/Vitale 4ths/5ths #1 U/D several X's 6 min

Shaw/Vitale 4ths/5ths #2 U/D several X's 6 min

Shaw/Vitale 4ths/5ths 5/8 several X's 6 min

Vitale 3 little words 6

Vitale 3 little words variations 6

Vitale Tenderly Lick - 6 minutes

NDS Lick 1 - 5 minutes

Daily total in hours

Dail Total in minutes

Weekly total in hours

Daily Average

Add when ready:

Tunes to add asap

Totals Date

Now, if you are reading this, you made it through the post. Thanks! I hope you'll consider subscribing to my blog. If you found this interesting, please read the blogs in the archives. I also hope you'll consider supporting my work. As the blog evolves and as I get ready to launch my podcast later this summer and as I continue to record audio and video, please remember, I am totally self funded. If you enjoy my music and have benefited in some way from reading the blogs and or watching the videos, please consider a donation to the cause. I am seeking advertisers and backers, but every individual can contribute in some way. No donation is too small, and no donation is too large! ;-) This is tantamount to digitally passing the hat on a no cover gig, but so be it. If you wish to make a contribution, just use and send your tip/donation to me via Paypal.

Thank you for at least considering.

Respectfully submitted:

Nick Drozdoff

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