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Personal Highlights from the new Shout Section Big Band CD

Back in August, Brett Dean's Shout Section Big Band went into the studio for two grueling long hour recording sessions to produce what I believe to be the best recording project produced by the SSBB to date. I highly recommend going to the link below and buying either a hard copy or a DL.

Of course, I am biased. I played a lot of the lead trumpet work on it (though the fine trumpeters Mike Stewart and Josh Jern also played a lot of lead, as well). I also played several solos, something particularly like doing as I don't want to be pigeon holed as just a high note guy.

I prepared a "highlights track" - sort of a personal big band demo - of my contributions to this project and that is what is featured in the video just below. I've got everything from screech solos to basic lead playing to mellow jazz parts. I hope you enjoy them. If you do, the whole album is chock full of stuff like this - hard swinging good music.

Here is the purchase link:

Now, in a blog like this, I can be a bit self serving, but I would be seriously remiss if I didn't credit the other brilliant musicians on this project.


Nick Drozdoff - split lead and soloist

Mike Stewart - split lead and soloist

Josh Jern - split lead and soloist and arranger

John Dorhauer - section and soloist and arranger

John Rarick - section and soloist

Andrew Egizio - section and soloist

Brett Dean - section and band leader

Trombones: (I don't know the break down on who was playing lead - ALL played solos)

Andrew Thompson

Nick Roach

Ben McCoy

Ken Cheney

Ben Shanbaum (bass trombone)

Saxes: (again, I don't know who played what part - ALL had some solo space)

Ted Holtz

Mike Block

Michael Kennedy

Rob Nordli

Andrew Schindler

Josh Shapiro

Rhythm Section:

James Wenzel - bass

Aaron Mitter - bass

Jon Wenzel - drums

Greg Hartman - drums

Nils Higdon - drums

Mike Maneechote - guitar

Alex Stombres - keyboards


Amy Yassinger

Vanessa Norman

This was a huge undertaking and I was thrilled to be a part of it! I hope you buy the music and enjoy it!!

Here is the link for purchase, again:

Thanks for reading.

Now, if you are reading this, you made it through the post. Thanks! I hope you'll consider subscribing to my blog. If you found this interesting, please read the blogs in the archives. I also hope you'll consider supporting my work. As the blog evolves and as I get ready to launch my podcast later this year and as I continue to record audio and video, please remember, I am totally self funded. If you enjoy my music and have benefited in some way from reading the blogs and or watching the videos, please consider a donation to the cause. I am seeking advertisers and backers, but every individual can contribute in some way. No donation is too small, and no donation is too large! ;-) This is tantamount to digitally passing the hat on a no cover gig, but so be it. If you wish to make a contribution, just use and send your tip/donation to me via Paypal.

Finally, I am in the process of developing a series of a few concerts at jazz clubs in the Chicago and Green Bay areas as well as at school (college or high school) auditoriums. They will feature my big band version of the Variable D Postulate Ensemble. I am seeking one off sponsorships to help keep the price of admission down. If you or your company provides a small donation, I'll make sure you are amply credited both during the performance and on every promotional post leading up to the concert. If you are interested in participating, please reach out to me at or at 847-476-1210.

Respectfully submitted:

Nick Drozdoff

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