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NEVER Yield to discouragement

I posted yesterday regarding my comeback and I wanted to add an update today.

I mentioned that I had started recording about three months earlier than I was expected to. I would attribute this to a determination that I was not going to just accept the limitations that were being imposed on me. I was going to keep it positive and work my way through this. I was going to get back in shape - both musically and physically and I wasn't going to be stopped by conventional ideas. While I did base my comeback on human wisdom, I wasn't going to let the spiritual drive be totally squelched. To this end the therapists I worked with in Wisconsin were VERY positive and NEVER diminished my refusal to just accept the limitations of the situation. The therapists back in Illinois weren't so supportive - a puzzling situation, so I was very glad when they signed off on my work. I could just continue to work.

Well, I DID start recording again and I recorded the solo part to my version of Maynard Ferguson's chart on Country Road. Normally, I would have juste lip synced the parts, but I felt funny about doing that on this track, so I only put in my flugelhorn solo. All the other brass parts were done before I was laid up.

Now, this about take 100 on this planned out solo, but I PLAYED IT! My comeback was not close to complete, yet, but this serves as a progress report. My gig at Fitz Spare Keys the other night was my second progressive step - playing under pressure of sight reading and actually soloing on the spot. I found some things that I need to work on with my chops coach, Ralph Salamone, but I got through the gig and I was pleasantly surprised that significant bits and pieces of my solos came out pretty good. I was forced to slow my roll on the thought process to accommodate some sluggishness in my technical playing, but I was able to get many good ideas on the charts.

So now I have some new things to work on to accelerate my progress. I'll blog some more as things click some more.

In the meantime, here is the track on Country Road that I did. Im still here!

Respectfully submitted,

Nick Drozdoff

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